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Secretary of the Council

Secretary of the Council of the Nukus branch of the Uzbekistan State University of Physical Education and Sports

Kadirov Rakhat Sovet ulı

Phone: +99893 366-06-96

Email: kadirovraxat63@gmail.com

Duties of the Secretary of the Council:

– Preparation of draft resolutions for officials, which should be included in the work plan of the monthly meeting of the Academic Council of the University and control over their implementation;

– ensuring the participation of the members of the university in the Scientific Council and informing them about the date and time of the meeting;

– timely receipt of draft decisions of the Academic Council from officials and their registration;

– registration of decisions of the council and their timely communication to the members of the council;

– continuous control over the implementation of the decisions of the Scientific Council;

– in case of non-observance by the responsible persons of the draft decisions of the Academic Council, a written or oral report to the Chairman of the Academic Council;

– registration of the minutes of the Academic Council. Ensuring the signing and approval of the protocol by the Chairman and the Scientific Secretary of the Scientific Council;

– approval of extracts from the minutes of all documents of a higher educational institution, approved by the Academic Council;

– consideration of documents of candidates for the title of professor, associate professor in accordance with the decision of the Academic Council. as well as in accordance with the established procedure, the submission of documents of applicants for approval of the academic title in the Higher Attestation Commission;

– approval of extracts from the protocol on topics of doctoral and master’s theses considered by the Academic Council;

– conducting a competition by secret ballot to fill the positions of the head of the department, professor and associate professor;

– approval of the list of scientific works of professors and teachers;

– at the end of each academic year, submit to the archive a collection of minutes of the Academic Council;

– approval of the plan of the Academic Council by the Rector of the University after consideration by the Academic Council;

– make changes to the work plan on the basis of decrees of the Cabinet of Ministers, resolutions and orders of the Board of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education;

– constant maintenance of the Scientific Council nomenclature and control of all documents.


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