Nukus branch of the uzbek state university of physical education and sport

Madreymova Gulzar Jamalovna

Phone: +99890 592-51-55, 361 224-20-14


Job responsibilities.

    Performs work on the management of archival affairs at the enterprise. Organizes the storage and ensures the safety of documents received in the archive. Accepts and registers the documents received for storage from structural divisions, completed with office work. Participates in the development of the nomenclature of cases, checks the correctness of the formation and design when they are transferred to the archive. In accordance with the current rules, it encrypts storage units, organizes and places cases, and keeps records of them. Prepares consolidated inventories of units of permanent and temporary storage periods, as well as acts for the transfer of documents for state storage, for the write-off and destruction of materials whose storage periods have expired. Conducts work on creating a reference device for documents, provides a convenient and fast search for them. Participates in the work on the examination of the scientific and practical value of archival documents. Monitors the condition of documents, the timeliness of their restoration, and compliance with the conditions necessary to ensure their safety in the archive premises. Monitors compliance with the rules of fire protection in the archive room. Issues archival copies and documents in accordance with incoming requests, makes the necessary references based on the information available in the archive documents, prepares data for reporting on the work of the archive. Takes the necessary measures for the use of modern technical means in the work.

  1. The archivist is appointed and dismissed by the director of the organization.
  2. The archivist must know:

* regulatory legal acts, regulations, instructions, other guidance materials and documents on the conduct of archival business at the enterprise;

* the procedure for receiving and submitting documents to the archive, their storage and use;

* Unified state system of record keeping;

* the procedure for drawing up descriptions of documents of permanent and temporary storage and acts of destruction of documents;

* procedure for filing cases and preparing them for storage and use;

  • accounting and reporting procedures;
  • the structure of the enterprise;

* fundamentals of labor organization;

  • rules of operation of technical means;

* fundamentals of labor legislation;

  • internal labor regulations;

* rules and regulations for occupational health, safety, industrial sanitation and fire protection.

  1. In its activities, the archivist is guided by:
  • the legislation of the Russian Federation,

* The charter of the organization,

  • orders and orders of employees to whom it is subordinate in accordance with this instruction,
  • this job description,
  • The internal labor regulations of the organization.
  1. The archivist reports directly to the head of the office
  2. During the absence of the archivist (business trip, vacation, illness, etc.), his duties are performed by a person appointed by the director of the organization in accordance with the established procedure, who acquires the relevant rights, duties and is responsible for the performance of the duties assigned to him.