U-Report – what is it?

U-Report – what is it?

U-Report is an innovative digital platform for social monitoring for young people. It is based on simple messages and short questions for conducting surveys and sharing information of social importance. U-Report is free and anonymous for all users and is designed to strengthen and develop the interaction between youth, the state and society. U-Report allows young people to participate in the reforms taking place in the country and in their communities and to express their views on them, to influence these processes for positive change. How to become a U-Reporter?

Being a U-Reporter is very easy and it is done in a free, voluntary and anonymous manner. To do this, you must have a computer, mobile phone or tablet and have access to one of the mobile operators in Uzbekistan and / or Internet access. There are several ways to become part of the U-Report team: – Send an SMS with the word START to 1122 and answer a few questions such as your age, address and the like (this process takes no more than 5 minutes and the selected mobile is free regardless of the operator); – Find the bot @UReportUzbBot via Telegram and send the word START, then you will need to answer a few short questions; – Find the page UReportUzbekistan on Facebook and send the word START via personal messages, then you need to answer a few simple questions. Then when you receive a congratulatory message that you are a U-Reporter, you too will become part of the larger U-Report team.

Congratulations! How to participate in surveys? Once you are registered in U-Report – you are considered a U-Reporter. And now you can participate in all requests sent to your mobile device. Questions are sent to you on a regular basis through a centralized system, so you don’t have to do anything yourself to get them. When you get questions, you just have to be more active in choosing the answers.

What topics are raised in the polls? The surveys will consist of thematic question and answer options, which will allow young people to have direct and unbiased opinions on important topics. U-Report surveys focus on the quality of and access to basic social services, education and health, the environment, technology, culture, recreation, and other important issues of interest to young people. The results of the survey will be open to all and will be available at U-Report at any time. The results of the surveys will also be provided to interested state and public organizations in order to respond in a timely manner and make decisions for positive change.

The U-Report project in Uzbekistan is implemented with the support of Ucell on the joint initiative of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan and the UNICEF Office in Tashkent. Welcome to U-Report!