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The planning and financial department is a separate department of the university and reports directly to the director. The department operates on the basis of the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, resolutions and orders of the government, orders and resolutions of the Ministry of higher and secondary Specialized Education, the charter of the university, decisions of the Academic council.

About the activities of the department

The planning and financial department is a structural subdivision of the Nukus branch of the University of Physical Culture and Sports of  the Republic of Uzbekistan (UPCSRUz). The responsibilities of the department include the development of current and long-term plans,

   Development of forecasting (analysis) and content of expenses of the departments of UPCSRUz  NB, from various sources (state budget, contractual and legal special funds, research activities and other sources)

Determination of financial needs of  NB UPCSRUz and their implementation.

The planning and finance department prepares cost estimates for the budget, payment-contract, special funds, development fund and grant. Make a list of needs for each area according to the estimate

 When determining the amount of budget expenditures by departments, the budget and extra-budgetary funds are formed based on the limit. The planning and financial department of UPCSRUz analyzes the financial and economic activities of the special funds and implements promising projects.

The main tasks of the department

– Collection and analysis of information necessary for the preparation of all financial calculations of the branch.

– Analysis of budgetary and extrabudgetary funds by items of cost estimates.

– Planning and control of staffing.

– Control the number of states through the timely execution of orders for hiring and dismissal.

– Development and control of the forecast (analysis) of estimated costs.

– Conducting a comprehensive economic analysis of all types of activities of UPCSRUz NB.

– The planning and finance department UPCSRUz  conducts statistical calculations for all economic indicators of the special funds and prepares current reports in a timely manner.

– forms the tariff list of professors, teachers, administrative and educational assistants in case of increase in salaries and scholarships.

– Adjustment of the staffing table taking into account changes in the regulatory framework.

– Accounting for financial sources.

– Preparation of the budget and extrabudgetary expenditures.

– Adjustment of budget expenditures based on the limit approved by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

– Analysis of the use of budgetary funds based on accounting data.

– Establishment of monthly salaries of professors, teachers, assistants under labor contracts.

– Monthly checking of time sheets from departments and branches of the NB UPCSRUz in accordance with the approved staffing table.

Utemuratova Ayzada Djakslykovna
Head of Planning and Finance Department
tel (+99891) 307-47-72