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Head of the department for organizing scientific-research activities of gifted students Nukus branch of the Uzbek State University of Physical Culture and Sports

Mnajatdinov Koblan Joldasbaevich

Telephone: (93) 715-66-77

E-mail: koblan_mnajatdinov@tatunf.uz



• organizing the search and identification of talented students;

• revealing the intellectual potential of gifted students;

• organize targeted training of gifted students, taking into account their abilities and inclinations;

• organization of special classes for gifted students on the history of Uzbekistan, foreign languages, information technologies and the use of the Internet;

• involvement of gifted students in fundamental research, scientific circles and creative teams;

• organizing the participation of gifted students in scientific and practical conferences, university, interuniversity, republican and international conferences, symposiums, olympiads and competitions;

• preparation of candidates for the State Scholarship of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and nominal state scholarships, scientific Olympiads among talented students, their achievement;

• material and moral support for especially gifted students and their leaders;

• organization of round tables of gifted students with representatives of science, heads of universities, experienced professors and teachers;

• organization of professional games and competitions for gifted students in their specialty;

• organization of scientific and creative circles of gifted students in the field of translation and creation of appropriate conditions for scientific and creative research;

• provide gifted students with additional literature and other resources in their chosen field and teach them how to use them;

• Development of special in-depth training programs for gifted students and organization of training based on them;

All vice-rectors, deans of faculties, heads of departments, heads of educational departments and trainers of groups are responsible for the effective implementation of the above tasks.

It is recommended to keep the following workbooks at faculties and departments on the organization of work with gifted students and their targeted training:- Regulations on work with gifted students;

– work plan (program) for working with gifted students;- reports on the implementation of the work plan (program);-

Orders of heads of higher educational institutions on gifted students;

– Documents for conferences, olympiads, competitions;- documents on the state scholarship named after the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the state scholarship named after;

– Decisions and orders of higher authorities on the search for gifted students and their targeted education;

– Programs, work plans of circles with the participation of gifted students;

– Information about gifted students and their supervisors;- Work with gifted students is led by professors and teachers with high pedagogical and scientific potential, appointed by order of the head of the educational institution.

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