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The main tasks of the department are:

Organization and implementation of work on selection and placement of personnel, their professional development, training for the system of management and formation of a system of personnel; Formation and preparation of personnel reserves for leadership positions; Participate in the development of proposals for the structure of the Department and the optimization of the states schedule; Ensuring compliance with the standards of labor legislation in working with staff; Carrying out work to create favorable conditions for work to increase the work capacity of the department staff and to carry out work on the maintenance of a healthy spiritual environment in the team; Leadership in the activities of district and city statistics in the selection, place and advanced training of personnel.

The department performs the following functions in accordance with the tasks assigned:

Ensuring the installation and place of staff of the department, district and city statistatics according to the current legislation; Conduct employees, district and city statistatics of the department, transfer of employees of employees, other jobs and presenting them to the termination of employment contracts and submitting them to the review; Regular analysis of the personnel in the management departments and the personnel in the district and city statistics, preparation of relevant proposals on its changes; Study of practical and professional qualities of employees, planning their growth in their professional and position stages; Creating personnel reserves for all levels of the Department of the Department and preparation of it clearly; organization of attestation of employees, analysis of certification, preparation and registration of relevant documents and commands; Organization of control over the implementation of regulations, legal acts of labor legislation in the Board, district and city statistics sections; Inclusion of relevant proposals to the structure and staff of the Department and district and city statistical units; Carrying out economic and professional accustomed workers, to study the causes of personnel rescience, development measures to stabilize staff; Material and spiritual incentives, make proposals and recommendations for strengthening the impact of employees to increase their labor and social activity; Staff personnel stats


Inspector of the Personnel Department of the Nokis Branch of the Uzbek State University of Physical Culture and Sports

Begmanova Gawhar Buxarbaevna

Phone: (61) 224-20-14, (91) 399-99-85

E-mail: ametova_g @ mail. ru