Ózbekstan Respublikası
Dene tárbiya hám sport
universiteti Nókis filialı



Orazımbetov Baxadır Jolmurzaevich

Telefon:(+99899) 355-23-70




Yuldasheva Maxsuda Norimmatovna

Telefon: (+99890) 652-73-07

Yuldoshevamaxsuda1983@g mail.com




Kosnazarov Alımbergen Kudaybergenovich

Telefon: (+99893) 488-42-41

Kosnazarov92@ inbox.ru



Urazxanov Daulet Muratovich

Telefon: (+99891) 381-70-42

The main purpose of the tutor

effective organization of the process of education and upbringing;

regulation of student relations;

providing students with socio-emotional and psychological support to better understand themselves, study and make the right decisions in life, increase their love for their chosen profession;

increase the effectiveness of the educational process in educational institutions, strengthen the role of the Public Council and the community in issues related to improving student attendance.

analyze students’ mastery of the lesson

and ensure that they spend their free time meaningfully;

is to be constantly aware of their social (family) status.

The main functions of the tutor

the role, responsibilities and responsibilities of parents in the upbringing of children

and helping to strengthen relationships with children;

to study the quality of education in educational institutions and take measures to further improve them;

to create a methodological framework for further strengthening the cooperation of the family, community, educational institution;

to form in students the spirit of respect for national and universal values, to propagate and propagate high moral qualities, to bring them up in the spirit of love for the Motherland, respect for our national legislation;

to involve students in clubs and circles organized within the framework of five important initiatives and to ensure their active participation in these circles in practice;

promote a healthy lifestyle by engaging students in competitions and sports clubs in their spare time;

to take special care of students with disabilities, orphans and children deprived of parental care, and to provide them with appropriate social, moral and psychological support;

to recommend talented students to the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and prestigious state scholarships;

regular monitoring of student ethics, behavioral culture, behavior;

Systematic work with low-achieving and difficult students;

maintain a daily attendance of students;

to monitor the level of mastery of students, to provide them with innovative educational technologies and teaching materials, information resources, and to facilitate the widespread and effective use of these resources;

advise and assist gifted students in writing and publishing research papers;

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